There are a million different reasons why people sell their homes but before you begin the selling process, really evaluate why you’re moving. Get the answers to the most commonly asked questions. How do I determine the best price? When is the best time? What are the costs? Before you begin the selling process, really evaluate why you’re moving, follow these guidelines and talk to your RE/MAX Sales Associate.

Getting Ready

Take control of the selling process – choosing the right RE/MAX Sales Associate, the listing, understanding the market conditions and determining the correct selling price. It’s all easy when you’re informed.

Marketing Your Home

Learn how to objectively evaluate your home. Work with your RE/MAX Sales Associate to position your home on the market to sell quickly and hassle-free.

Negotiating Offers

Know what to expect and take stress out of the transaction by getting some insight here. When it comes to bargaining and persuasion your RE/MAX Sales Associate is one of the top in this field.


You’ve accepted the offer but just because your house has sold, that isn’t the end. Learn what’s left to do before you move.